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Fax to Email

Fax to Email
Your account is setup with a unique fax number. Our servers handle the document processing. Faxes are received as pdf email attachements in your mailbox.

Instant Burst for the FIFA World Cup ticket sales
Fax to email The Exclusive Official Ticket & Travel Operator of Football Federation Australia for the 2006 FIFA World Cup has trusted its faxing needs to us.

10 thousand fax calls were received within a couple of hours from the opening of the sale. This, together with many other expert solutions is being delivered from our specialist Australian purpose-built enterprise infrastructure.

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Business Services
Fax SOHO: 200 faxes
(max. 1000 pages)
$27.50/month, 16.5c/fax excess

Fax Business: 500 faxes
(max. 2500 pages)
$49.50/month, 13.2c/fax excess

Fax Advance: 1000 faxes
(max. 5000 pages)
$99/month, multiple broadcast destinations, 11c/fax excess
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Enterprise Services
Fax Enterprise: 10,000 faxes
$990/month, 5 dedicated phone lines, $11c/fax excess

Fax Enterprise Encrypted: 10,000 faxes
$1650/month, 5 dedicated phone lines, $16.5c/fax excess

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Custom Services
Close but no cigar?

Whether your business needs a higher volume of faxes, more dedicated lines, custom fax routing features, flexible burstability, or simply a fax overflow solution - talk to us - 1300 133 900.

It is that simple.
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